EuTRACE reports

Policymakers' and Public Perspectives on Climate Engineering

The aim of Work Package 6 (WP6) was to carry out dialogue on the topic of climate engineering with policy actors and with the broader public. This report presents a brief profile of each activity carried out by the WP6 project partners, the objectives behind them and results achieved. Most importantly, it collects the main concerns, questions and key messages by policy actors and other stakeholders in all EuTRACE stakeholder meetings.

Opening Debate: What is Climate Engineering?

The EuTRACE Opening Debate brought together a group of research, policy, and civil society representative, all of whom had previous knowledge around climate engineering (CE), to discuss questions, concerns, and opportunities regarding CE. The debate strongly leaned towards open questions and concerns, highlighting the focus of current debate taking place in the media and in the academic community on answering questions and establishing research and policy boundaries.